Welcome to the John Kennedy Leadership Academy. By investing in this online/on-demand instructional program, you are investing in yourself, your team, your company and your future. Congratulations!

It is said that “those who learn more earn more”, and this is the perfect educational platform to do both.

As a member of the John Kennedy Leadership Academy, you will be able to fill your professional toolbox with seven successful components to a strong leadership career.

Those seven “modules” are also broken into multiple levels of learning that deliver an in-depth comprehensive learning opportunity with easy to understand, real-life applications.

John will aspire you to develop the leader within you. Become the leader you respected in your life, and help, inspire and develop others to be the very same!

Welcome To The Leadership Academy

"Good Leaders Lead. Great Leaders Build New Leaders!”

Take time to watch each video in the Leadership Academy “modules” and utilize the downloadable Leadership Academy Workbook to take notes, make “LeaderSHIFT” commitments, and even keep your own “LeaderSHIFT Journal”.

Those tools are great to not only review your leadership development but also use to educate others what you have learned…You are not only the student, but become the teacher!

Also make sure to engage in the “Meet The Coach” area of the website to communicate with other members, share strategies, stories and successes. John will be checking in to add his insights to the conversations throughout your learning journey.

Whether you are an emerging or existing leader of your team, the outcomes of education that continue to sharpen your skills will pay off in the short-term with your team, and the long-term with your career—personally as well as professionally.

Once again,

Welcome to The Leadership Academy

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