Welcome to LeaderSHIFT, where your tool box to effective change will be filled with lessons, insights, ideas, success stories, and real life examples of how you can make the needed  “shift” from manager to a leader.

Make The “Shift” From An Effective Manager To A Successful Leader

We always hear about folks that are “born leaders”, but have you ever heard of being a “born manager”? Join John Kennedy Consulting On Demand where you will learn to be both and understand why both are important to a successful workplace.

Motivation, delegation, communication, and innovation are only a few of the many qualities and characteristics that will be needed to this journey and John Kennedy is ready to help you pack your bags and get started.

Lead by action and example, not by title and tactics.

Be the leader that you respected when you were on your way up…and don’t forget to send the elevator back down when you get there!

Be that team. Be that passion. Be that… and beyond!

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Three Types of Change


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