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Join international speaker, author and strategist John Kennedy as he breaks down this invaluable subject with intention, passion, expertise and strategy.

Your customers want and need a better customer experience…in fact, they demand it.

From building a culture of customer experience, KEEPING your customers through consistency, dealing with difficult customers, identifying “why customers buy”, the six steps to driving an exceptional customer experience, the four extreme expectations of your customers, and the team effort necessary to stand up and stand out to your competition, John Kennedy brings you everything you need to know to keep your team engaged in the most important aspect of your business—your customer!

Attached please find a companion workbook for “Delivering the Customer Experience” that you can print out, follow along and take notes.

Make sure to also write a “CustomerSHIFT” or two from each video chapter that will change the way you, your team, and your company will approach your culture, your customer, and your commitments to an exceptional customer experience. (They are found at the bottom of each PDF).

You may also choose to share your stories or engage with others in the “comments” section below each video.

We would love to hear from you!

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Delivering The Customer Experience

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